Who is Jerry Paladino?

Jerry Paladino is a man with a passion to see a better world for all–a world, as one of his songs states, where Love Will Reign One Day. He recognizes that music is one of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal today in the fight to see lives healed and restored. He is an accomplished songwriter/singer/producer whose songs have been recorded in various languages, and are touching multitudes around the world.

Jerry started playing professionally at about 18 years of age and has for many years dedicated his life to reaching out to others through the medium of music. Presently he is residing in Mexico City where he and his wife have been missionaries with a heart for current social justice issues for the past 15 years


jerry_aboutBorn in Berkeley, California on March 3, 1952, and spending his early childhood in Lafayette, California, Jerry started formal music lessons on the organ at age seven and a half. In 1961 his family moved to Fresno, California, where he acquired a very talented new teacher, at which time he also switched instruments to piano, which has remained his main passion instrument-wise ever since. His initial studies were all classical, which initially fascinated him. But seeing the rising popularity of ‘pop’ music during the era of Beatlemania, he forced himself to listen to that genre of music on the radio daily until he eventually grew to like it and even emulate it.

He began composing at around age 16, and was greatly influenced by the folk music of 60′s and 70′s, as well as by popular piano players of those times, most notably Ray Charles, Elton John, and Paul McCartney having the most influence. Leaving home at age seventeen during the tumultuous 70s, he played in different musical combinations and groups, determined to find his musical place in the world.

At age 19 he had a very unexpected conversion to Christianity, and as a result decided to dedicate himself to missionary work from that time on, a decision which would lead him to leave the U.S. in 1972, never to return to work or live as a citizen. He spent the next eight years living and working in missionary centers in South America, always in a musical capacity. Following that he was to end up moving to and working in: Mexico, the Philippines, Japan, and ultimately full circle back to Mexico, where he has remained with his wife and children since 2002.

Throughout these years he has constantly used his music in evangelization and the spreading of the Gospel, as well as for consolidating the faith of already-believers. He has chosen to work outside of the established church channels for the most part, preferring to focus on productions geared toward skeptics or unbelievers on the one hand, and comforting and consolidating those already in the faith on the other. He spent 5 years involved in creating audio-visual products for children, aiming at enhancing their moral and spiritual development, at a time when such material was not widely available.

He continues working for the spread of Jesus’ message of love throughout the earth through whatever methods and opportunities that he finds, while performing music of his youth in restaurants and for private events. He does audio work and productions from his home studio, and continues working on his goal of producing one song a month of his own composition for the most part, uploading them to his musical site jerrypaladino.bandcamp.com. There you will find songs produced since the 90′s until now, and by listening to them you will enjoy some of what he has learned and experienced

“There are many more details of what I did and learned, of course. Suffice it to say, listen to my songs and you’ll figure out the rest.—At least what’s important! In all of those countries and continents I have been learning and growing in the areas of songwriting, singing and music production. The recordings you’ll find on this site reflect some of what I’ve learned and experienced over the years. He says:

“I did learn that (in the words of another composer) ‘What the world needs now is love, sweet love…that’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…’ It is my firm conviction that music is a wonderful way to add more love to the world. Whatever transpires as you listen to the songs on this site (some sung by myself, others by dear friends and colleagues who have contributed their art and talent over the years), most of all I hope you feel the love that each song was written or sung with. Love is, after all, the reason for our being here on this planet, and is my greatest joy as a songwriter/singer/producer to speak or sing about.”

Instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, organ; digital programming of drums, bass, and most other instruments.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese,

Specialties/skills/experience: Song composition, musical arrangement; audio recordings and studio production; mixing; basic audio engineering; live music & performing; vocals;