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Since the beginning of this year 2014, I have been blessed to travel and visit many wonderful groups of believers in various locations, as I have accompanied our dear friend Rauna on several mission trips. It has been an enriching and thrilling experience for me to be able to sing for and about the Lord in English, Spanish and even in Japanese, and worship together with so many precious brethren in Argentina, Western Canada, Texas and Florida to date.

I’ve had the privilege of singing both in small and large churches, a prison in Argentina, a center for those emerging from being homeless in Texas, and a drug rehab center in Miami. In each situation I felt privileged to share the songs I have been blessed to write and/or record over the years with wonderfully receptive and hungry audiences. I’ve also been able to draw from a wealth of beautiful treasures composed by fellow missionaries.

Between trips, I was able to complete an album with songs of hope and comfort for those who have lost a loved one, a project dear to my heart, entitled “ I’ll Meet You Over There.” This album is partly dedicated to David and Gabriel, our two sons in Heaven (

I’m extremely grateful for progress in both of these areas! Thanks for your love and prayers!

May His peace and comfort be with you always,

Jerry Paladino

P.S. News Update – Just back from Buenos Aires, Argentina, second time this year. Although things went very different than planned, God still won so many victories there. Many received the Lord; physical, emotional and spiritual healings took place; relationships were restored; those feeling hopeless received hope; and a couple of suicidal people regained a desire to live.

God healed the heart of a woman who had carried feelings of guilt and shame over an abortion she’d had over 50 years ago. Up until now she had never shared this with anyone, but God knew that this was the time. Such a tremendous healing took place as her heart was healed and she was set free, that she was able to share with her church family the following Sunday what the Lord had accomplished.

Many lives were also deeply impacted as the music and Word went out through national radio as well as to some of the surrounding countries. This also saw many lives changed. All of these lives changed made every minute of an otherwise difficult trip worthwhile. Fighting illness much of the trip there were times I wondered if my voice would even come out as I opened my mouth to sing.–But God faithfully came through every meeting.

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