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** Newsletter Nov 2014

Well, this has certainly been a great year so far, and a very big change from 2013. This year has seen so much traveling for me….I’m not sure I’m quite ready to make an end-of-year report, but I must say it has been interesting looking at all I’ve been able to do and be a part of in one year. In the last 12 months I have been traveling approximately 170 days, all for the furtherance of spreading the wonderful message of Jesus’ love in word and song.

Just this last month of October took me to Spain, Canada, and India with Rauna, where we were able to minister in about 8 different cities. [Update: In November we visited 3 locations in Villa Hermosa, Mexico, and made new friends in Mexico City as well!—And at this specific moment I am in the Artic!] While I have had the chance to do lots of live music this past year, it has cut down my time working on recording music.

Thankfully back home in the studio I have been able to be involved in musical projects with old friends – Sam Halpert and Ruth Gordon in particular have given me songs to work on, as well as Al Pratt in Brazil. So this year began a sweet time of collaboration with friends and fellow servants of the Lord, which I look forward to more of in 2015. I also hope to somehow accomplish more new recordings in 2015 of my own material, as I still have ‘so much to say’ musically…which includes songwriting of course, something I miss dearly and did very little of this past year.

On the other hand, it’s been wonderful getting out CDs this past year in the events I have participated in, and the reactions have been wonderful. It is, of course, very gratifying as a musician to see my material getting out, and having the chance to deliver the product myself in live events is quite fulfilling.

Part of the year I have been studying on Divine Healing, which has been both very challenging as well as fascinating for me….I’ve been researching the different moves of the spirit in history, beginning with Jesus and the birth of the Early church, with all the signs and wonders manifested in the body of believers until recent days…It’s an area I would like to grow in during 2015 as well, especially as I see the need for healing grow in an increasingly sick world. I did get to see my fair share of miracles this past year, but not enough to satisfy me at this point. [Update: I have been accepted into the Dominion Bible Institute—an online school–which specializes in training in Divine Healing!—I’m jazzed!]

It’s been very inspiring to see the Lord working in these different countries, and Marianne and I are both praying about how we can do more in our own country in 2015. It’s such a needy part of the world, with so much to do…While it’s been fun and challenging to go ‘save the world’ while going ‘into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature’, we would like to see growth and progress in our own country. It’s been wonderful to travel about and participate in other people’s local works where they have put down roots—but we can’t help but desire to invest more of our own time and energy in our backyard and the need where we are…

This year we pioneered on-line Sunday Service (1 hour long) with a few friends in different cities and countries of the world. It’s been a gratifying and unifying experience, and we look forward to continuing & possibly expanding that if the Lord leads so. We’ve run into different technical snags and bugs that at this point limit us from growing much, but also see lots of potential in this ministry, this on-line avenue of feeding and encouraging fellow believers. Perhaps different from how other ministries might do it, ours has been experimenting with an interactive format, where all are talking amongst ourselves, explaining needs, and praying for each other, making prayer requests, etc.—Not just a service that is presented and the viewers attend. That’s where most of the bugs have come in. The organizational side of sharing songs, testimonies, prayer requests, etc., as opposed to just listening to a service that is held. Perhaps we could expand if we changed over to the more
‘normal’ format of just presenting or holding a service and not making it interactive—that would certainly eliminate many of the problems we’ve encountered, and could possibly allow more people to join in. [If you are interested in joining something like this in either English or Spanish, please do let us know via email.]

Looking forward to an inspiring Christmas season, singing and teaching about Jesus’ love and mission to our world!! We pray it’s a wonderful time for you all as well, and that 2015 begins with a bang! May you be centered in and strengthened by His great love this season and in the coming new year!

Jerry and Marianne

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